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Who Is This For?

1. You are a business owner with a great product or service. You want to improve your website performance. Maybe you've started to notice Facebook ads are not converting like they used to and you are losing more and more customers to your competition everyday.

Solution - You need a better website that works for your business not against it! With clear messaging, beautiful design and straightforward navigation.

2. ​You find Take Over My Social and see they are offering a free website audit. You submit your information and wait 2-3 business days to receive your audit. Whilst you wait, you receive some helpful resources and information to help pass the time.

3. ​You receive your video audit in your inbox. You click on the Loom video and sit back. Your fears have been confirmed. Your website is letting you down and you are losing customers because of it. Your eyes are opened as to HOW and WHY this is happening and you can't quite believe we sent you all this information for FREE!

Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 14.41.31.png

"Great service made the whole process

simpler and straightforward!"

Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 14.42.38.png

"I couldn't recommend Meg enough! In fact I have, to several other business owners I work with."

What Happens Next

4. Now you have the answers and you know why your website was letting your business down. Getting clarity on this problem feels like a breath of fresh air! Unfortunately though, it's short lived.

You now know what needs to be done in order for your website to start generating more leads/purchases...but you don't have the expertise or time to solve these problems for your business.

Solution - You hire Take Over My Social to complete this work for you. Not only will we carry out the work quickly and professionally we will also make the entire process effortless so you can keep working on the areas of your business that you are an expert in. Once you complete the onboarding process we get to work. 

​5. You are blown away with the level of detail that our service provides and you couldn't be happier! Your website now enhances your business and is a 24 hour salesman, getting you leads/sales whilst you sleep.

Not only have we solved a problem for you but it was also an incredibly efficient process. You think to yourself "If only I had done this sooner."

6. If you are a business owner, like myself, that doesn't like to waste anytime when it comes to moving the needle forward for your business.  Below, I've added a special link to my calendar so you can book in a one on one call with me, Meg, to see if we can help you with your website and get things moving forward as soon as today!

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